Animated Counter Boxes

[tg_animate_counter start =”0″ end=”6409″ fontsize=”44″ count_subject=”Followers”][/tg_animate_counter]
[tg_animate_counter start =”0″ end=”70101″ fontsize=”44″ count_subject=”Happy Customers” color=”#b63327″][/tg_animate_counter]
[tg_animate_counter start =”0″ end=”10876″ fontsize=”44″ count_subject=”Support Requests”][/tg_animate_counter]

Animated Circle Boxes

[tg_animate_circle percent=”99″ color=”#b63327″ dimension=”200″ fontsize=”38″ width=”5″ subject=”Satisfaction”]99%[/tg_animate_circle]
[tg_animate_circle percent=”80″ color=”#b63327″ dimension=”200″ fontsize=”38″ width=”5″]2014[/tg_animate_circle]
[tg_animate_circle percent=”80″ color=”#b63327″ dimension=”200″ fontsize=”38″ width=”5″]80%[/tg_animate_circle]

Animated Progress Bars

[tg_animate_bar percent=”90″ color=”#b63327″]PHP & WordPress[/tg_animate_bar][tg_animate_bar percent=”80″ color=”#b63327″]HTML[/tg_animate_bar][tg_animate_bar percent=”70″ color=”#b63327″]CSS[/tg_animate_bar][tg_animate_bar percent=”65″ color=”#b63327″]Photoshop[/tg_animate_bar][tg_animate_bar percent=”55″ color=”#b63327″]Javascript[/tg_animate_bar][tg_animate_bar percent=”50″ color=”#b63327″]Joomla[/tg_animate_bar][tg_animate_bar percent=”25″ color=”#b63327″]Illustrator[/tg_animate_bar]

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